Academic Team

My name is Tamara

Academic Manager


My name is Gabe

Testing Coordinator

Hi There! I’m Gabe. Nice to meet you! I can speak English (fluent), Japanese (ok…), and Chinese (until I get told to “just speak English [true story!]). I have been teaching English for 8 years now and I still love it. I lived and worked in Japan for about five years and got to travel a lot. Travelling is one of my favourite things. I’m a bit of a foodie which means that when I travel I eat way too much! In my spare time I love checking out new cafes and restaurants with my friends and playing my PS4. Most Saturdays I’ll head to the markets in the morning or have breakfast with friends. I try to do yoga every week (try!) and I am going to ride my bike more, too (maybe…).

My name is Jennifer

Certificates in Spoken and Written English Coordinator

Originally, I’m from Mexico where I started teaching English in 2007. I love reading about positive thinking, personal development, and enjoy swimming. I speak Spanish, some French and Italian, and am always learning more. Come and see me if you are studying a Certificate in Spoken and Written English, I’m always happy to answer your questions 🙂

Beautiful Jennifer

My name is Karl

Business Coordinator

I’m happy to be here teaching Cert 3 in Business and sharing all the concepts that help not only in business but also in our personal life. I started teaching in South Korea around 2002 while the nation celebrated the World Cup. It was so exciting and I loved the culture so much that my wife and I stayed and started a family. In my spare time, I walk the dog, jump on the trampoline with the kids and watch NRL Rugby league – go the Broncos!

My name is Jola

Level Coordinator

I speak English, Polish, Spanish, French, and I’ve been working in teaching for 7 years.

I started working at IH Brisbane – ALS in 2012 and my favourite part of the job is sharing ideas with other teachers/ talking about Hugh Jackman with Danielle. After work I make dinner, play with Tommy (my son), watch the news & go to bed.

“More wine?”


My name is Alison

I speak English and (reasonable) French (and very bad Spanish), and I’ve been working in teaching for over 20 years (and I’m still relatively sane).

I started working at IH Brisbane – ALS in 2010 and my favourite part of the job is the people! I love my colleagues and I love meeting/teaching students from so many different places. After work I love to relax on my back deck & look at the greenery.

There’s always more to learn!

My name is Laura

Night Liaison

Hi! I have been teaching English as a second language for27 years and specifically IELTS for over 8 years. I’ve taught in Italy, Malta, England as well as France, Germany and Las Palmas, Spain. I am passionate about helping learners reach their goals, and I feel very lucky to be part of the great team of amazing people here at International House, Brisbane. I love both going to rock concerts, and quiet alone time, and in my spare time I do a little gardening. I love travelling to remote places and the sun! I have a few life mottos but if I were to choose just one I’d say “everything happens for a reason” – a GOOD reason, even if we don’t know what that reason is …yet”. Stay happy!


My name is Penelope

I’m Australian and I’ve been teaching for almost 3 years. I have taught in South Korea and Mexico, and I can speak a small amount of Korean and fairly good Spanish. Teaching is my passion and I love connecting with people from all over the world. I’m very active – I go to the gym, I box , I swim and I horse ride!

My name is Corina

My name is Corina – I speak English and German and I’ve been teaching English since 2011. I started working at IH Brisbane-ALS in 2015. I have also taught in Vietnam and New Zealand. My favourite part of the job is to meet students from all over the world, seeing them progress in their language skills and helping them to reach their personal goals and dreams.

I love travelling, water sport activities especially sailing and lots of sunshine.


My name is Michelle

I speak English, a bit of Spanish and Hawaiian Pidgin English (yes, it really is a totally different language!)

I’ve been working in teaching since 1992, and I started working at IH Brisbane in 2008.

My favourite part of the job is being part of a positive environment where students and staff are always smiling and laughing. It is wonderful to see students progress thoughout the levels! After work, I look forward to catching up with friends, laughing my head off with my husband, dancing and listening to live music and riding pillion on the back of a motorbike.

My favourite saying is “God never gives you more than you can handle”

My name is Catalin

My name is Catalin but you can call me Cat (everyone else does). I have lived in Romania, United States, Latin America, Croatia and, since 2013, here in Australia. I speak English, Spanish, Romanian and essential French – e.g. I can say je t’aime (“I love you”) and plus de bière s’il vous plait (“more beer, please”).

Some of my greatest passions are animals, travelling and soccer.

“In every caterpillar there is a butterfly waiting to be born”


My name is Stephanie

I speak English, Spanish and French and I’d love to learn more languages.

I enjoy cooking (and eating!), exercise, and of course, teaching English. I came to Australia for the good weather, so when I’m not at work or studying, you’ll either find me on the golf course enjoying the Australian sunshine or sitting in the garden enjoying a cold beer.

My name is Bevan

I’m an Aussie and I’ve lived in Brisbane for most of my life. While I’ve worked in education for more years than I care to remember, I’ve been teaching English to international students since 2005 and find it a really rewarding and fascinating job.

I love travelling and my job allows me to meet people from all over the world. I also love sport – especially football (soccer) and writing poetry.

I believe in looking at life through the windscreen and not via the rear-view mirror!



My name is Lachlan

I grew up in a small town near Sydney. I’ve been teaching for 6 years now. Previously, I’ve worked in Korea, Hungary and Malaysia. I love seeing students grow in their confidence with English. My hobbies are too numerous to mention so I’ll just put reading.

My name is Lucy

Hello/Hola/ xin chào / G’day!

My name is Lucy and I was born in Brisbane. I’ve been a teacher for three years. I speak English (believe it or not), bad Spanish and hopeless Vietnamese. I love sharing ideas with students and helping them with their English so they can embark on marvellous adventures and achieve great things. I have taught students from the ages of 3 to 63. When I’m not teaching I play the violin and murder the guitar.

“The day you stop learning is the day you die.”


My name is Neil

My wife thinks that she has three children – a 15 year old boy, a 14 year old boy and another one who has been teaching for over 30 years.

I like to enjoy life and have a laugh as often as possible, so if you are in my class you will have a lot of fun. As I mentioned above I have been teaching since 1982 and I have degrees in education and Chinese language as well as post-graduate qualifications in linguistics so when the time comes to learn, you will.

Outside of school I like to go sailing, play golf, brew beer, walk my enormous dog and play my guitar really badly.

My favourite saying is “Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe.”

My name is Dennis

I speak English and with an Australian accent, and I’ve been working in teaching for over 10 years.

I started working at IH Brisbane – ALS in 2008 and my favourite part of the job is Working with young people from all over the world and watching them blossom as their English ability improves. After work I spend time with my wife and family, play touch football and learn Japanese.

My favorite quote is “If at first you don’t succeed what the hell did you expect”!


My name is Anna

Hi! My name is Anna. I grew up in Melbourne and have been in Brisbane for around two years. My first language is actually Japanese, as my mother is from Japan! I now also speak Spanish, as I taught English for a year in Colombia. My passions are learning languages, traveling the world, meeting people from different cultures… and teaching and sharing stories with you guys!


My name is Marlon

I was born in Jamaica to teachers and lived part of my life in New York City and Florida so my accent is quite a mash up. After travelling to Australia and communing with its diverse population, I decided I wanted to travel the world teaching English. I have seen a lot of the world in the past 4 years but have returned because Australia is my favourite. I am an NBA enthusiast and took 7 years Spanish classes but was never immersed so I have a heart for all the students who have sacrificed and persevered Down Under.



My name is Dani


My name is Luke

I have lived in China, Taiwan and Indonesia – and I speak Chinese Indonesian and some Spanish
I like playing basketball and football!


My name is Erin

Hi, I have just moved to Brisbane from Melbourne, so I’m still adjusting to the warmer weather. I have been teaching English as a second language for about three years. My favourite thing about teaching students English is the fact that I get to work with students from all over the world and developing relationships with them. In my spare time, I like to read, swim and spend time with my cat.

My name is Glenn

G’day, my name is Glenn and I have been teaching for ten years. I have lived in South America for seven years where I learnt to speak Spanish and even taught subjects in Spanish. I love watching sport (except golf – it’s super boring) and travelling. One of my goals is to step foot on all seven continents, I haven’t accomplished it yet but I am trying.


My name is Richard

Hello! I am teaching in the Certificate courses here at IH. I am fairly new to English language teaching and love the experience of meeting and working with great people from all around the world. I used to be a Librarian, working in universities in Brisbane and Hobart. “Between jobs” I lived in Havana and travelled in Mexico and Colombia. I love learning and speaking Spanish – a life time project for me.

My name is Michael

My name is MichaelI speak English and Intermediate level German, and I’ve been working in teaching since 2005. I’m back after sometime looking after my son!

I started working at IH Brisbane – ALS in 2011 and my favourite part of the job is always learning new stuff about language.

After work I swim and mountain bike.Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen: Essential ingredients in beer and something else!


My name is Jo

Hello, my name is Jo. I’ve travelled extensively and lived overseas. I love being with people from different backgrounds, hearing their stories and learning about their lives. I also love the English language and the challenge of making the learning experience exciting and fun. Teaching English is my passion.

My name is Frank

I have been training business since 2003 in the workforce, online and in the classroom. I’m orginally from Melbourne, but enjoy living in sunny Brisbane. I’m very passionate about teaching and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others. My main hobby is playing in my rock band on the weekends and watching Netflix

Frank 1

My name is Benjamin

My name is Benjamin and I’ve taught English for 6 years, both as a personal tutor and in universities and English schools. I enjoy reading and writing and have studied both at university on the Gold Coast. I am passionate about teaching and love working

My name is Stefan


My name is Anthony

My majors at university were Chinese and Japanese. I lived in Japan for seven years where I taught English. Besides teaching English I have also worked as a chef so I love all types of foods from different parts of the world. Good luck with your studies!


My name is Paco

I grew up in the USA but am half Costa Rican. I’ve been teaching English since 2010. I love watching and playing soccer as well as backpacking and surfing. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and some Italian.


My name is Jessica

Coming soon

My name is Mark

I have experience in business management and have worked as a business and administrative manager for a number of years. I enjoy the challenge of teaching international students, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and meeting people from all over the world. In my spare time, I like driving sports cars, listening to music, playing the piano, surfing the web and spending time with family and friends!