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Message from the Principal

The world is changing every day but English is still the language of international trade and commerce. Travel almost anywhere overseas and you will find a tour guide speaking in English. Surf the internet and you will see how important English is.

I’ve been working in teaching over 15 years, and started working at IH Brisbane – ALS in 2008, and my favourite part of the job is helping students, and seeing them realise their potential. International House Brisbane – ALS is a caring school where learning English is fun and qualified teachers help you achieve your goals in the fastest possible time. We can teach you practical English, English you can use in your work and everyday life. You will learn quickly under the guidance of our professional staff, and be able to take PRIDE in your achievements.We welcome you to Brisbane and Queensland, the Sunshine State, for the English experience of a lifetime!

Neil Preston – Principal

Passionate about you

All of our staff have one thing in common – they are passionate about you getting the most out of your time in Australia. IH Brisbane – ALS prides itself on having staff who are well qualified, talented and actively involved in helping you. Find out more about the people who work here on the pages below.

Marketing Team

Admin Team

Academic Team

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