Student Accommodation Testimonials

Luis Santos and Iara Ruiz

The accommodation is a perfect place to live and have fun at the same time! In a convenient location, near Shopping Centre, Supermarket and Bus Station, with spacious and fully furnished apartments, private and comfortable rooms and a great pool area where you can relax, have a BBQ and meet new friends!

We enjoyed it a lot! It’s worth having this experience!

Mamdouh Alshahrani

When I first came to Brisbane I was very lonely, when I moved in to the student accommodation everything changed, I met new friends and used the gym and pool. My days got better and felt really happy!

Camila Souza

The accommodation was fantastic. The apartment I lived in was very comfortable and my flatmates were from other countries, so I could practice English. The accommodation was near the shop and supermarket. The bus station close by, provided easy access to the school!

I enjoyed living there, and I recommend it.

rebecals Rebekah

I love the resort facilities! The pool is such a nice place to sit by while studying. I have met some amazing people over the three years too who have moved into my block / apartment.

reneeals Renee

There are always events going on or BBQ’s down at the pool area which are a good opportunity to get out of your room and meet some new people. The fact that it is so close to one of the biggest shopping centres is just a bonus!

Hwangbo Lael

It is a very comfortable place, and I think the accommodation is awesome!

It has a nice pool, gym and BBQ facility.

The room is very fresh, clean and good for studying.


Yohan Crampon

A great place to study and meet people from all over the world by enjoying activities organised in the resort.

Awesome facilities, and really modern and comfortable to live in.