Under 18 Years Old

Under 18 years old

IH Brisbane – ALS is also happy to accept students under 18 years of age, and thank you for trusting us with them. We have separate policies and procedures in place to ensure they get the most out of their time here and stay safe and healthy; we understand being away from home can be quite a lot to take on! These steps include:
  • Separate lanyards, to help all staff identify students under 18
  • Fortnightly welfare meetings
  • 6 weekly progress report and sample of work to be provided to the designated contact
  • Help opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone and a 24 hour contact person.

Student need to have adequate guardianship arrangements in place (through a homestay or relative who will be with them).
There is an additional fee for students under 18 to cover the welfare arrangements; If you would like more information about enrolling a student under 18 and the welfare requirements, please contact us.

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