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Business English Intermediate


Business English Intermediate

(CRICOS 076650D)

Entry requirement: Upper-Intermediate level

This course is specially designed to help you succeed in a business context. You will learn English through a wide range of business orientated topics, and it will help you with be able to interact in many workplace situations.

At the end of a Business English Intermediate course, you will:

  • Have improved your overall English level
  • Be better prepared to work in a Business environment in English
  • Have a better knowledge of English grammar, and how to use it

Learn Business English now and get a jump start on your career!

Course level


Course length

4 or 8 weeks

Course start

See enrolment form

♦ Sample timetable – DAY (Subject to change)

Monday-Thursday (Compulsory)Friday (Optional)

8:30AM-2:30PM (1 hour break) |

Core Classes and Skills Classes 5 hours per day

8:30AM-2:30PM (1 hour break) |

Optional Academic Classes

♦ Course topics include

  • Companies and Leadership
  • Strategy and Pay
  • Development and Marketing
  • Outsourcing and Financing
  • Recruitment and Effective Presentations
  • Counterfeiting and Markets
  • Lobbies and Communication
  • Innovation and Logistics

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