IELTS Preparation Course

(CRICOS 062147A)

This course is specially designed to help you improve your English whilst getting ready to take the IELTS exam. You will learn the vocabulary and language skills associated with the IELTS exam, as well as examination techniques specific to the IELTS exams.

At the end of a period of study of IELTS Preparation Course, you will:

  • Have improved your overall English level

  • Be better prepared to take an IELTS exam

  • Have a better knowledge of English grammar, and how to use it

  • Have a good understanding of formal and academic English, with a focus on writing.

Many students choose the IELTS Preparation courses to help them prepare for further study in Australia.

Course level

B1, B2 or C1

Course length

1 to 36 weeks

Course start

Any Monday