Admin og Marketing Team

Mit navn er James Kim

General Marketing Manager

Jeg taler engelsk og koreansk, og jeg har arbejdet i markedsføring over 10 år.

Jeg begyndte at arbejde på IH Brisbane - ALS i 2010 og min favorit del af jobbet er at tale & hjælpe eleverne, og bistå uddannelse agenter. Efter arbejde, jeg fisk, og lege med mine børn.

Aldrig under dig. Aldrig over dig. Altid ved siden af ​​dig!

Mit navn er Vitor Travel

Senior Marketing Manager

Jeg taler engelsk, Portugisisk og spansk ! Jeg har en grad i marketing og en kandidatgrad i Management, and Project Management.

Jeg begyndte at arbejde på IH Brisbane - ALS i 2010 og min favorit del af jobbet er at interagere med mennesker fra hele verden, og være i stand til at hjælpe dem med at nå deres drømme.

I min fritid kan jeg lide at tilbringe tid sammen med min kone, my son and my little dogs “Jack,Cookie and Luna”.

“Nogle mennesker drømmer om succes, andre gøre det ske”


My name is Miki

Regional Marketing Manager – Japan

I was born in Japan and lived in New Zealand/Australia for over 12 år. I graduated from Otago University with double major in Management and Marketing Management, I also have a Diploma in Travel and Tourism.
I enjoy meeting new people from around the world. I love to travel and explore new places, cultures and food.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me ?

My name is Candice

Regional Marketing Manager – East Asia

Hello everyone! I am Candice.

I am originally from Taiwan, I can speak Taiwanese, Chinese and English, I have been in Australia since 2014.

I started working at IH Brisbane-ALS in 2016 as enrolment officer, now I am moving into marketing. I am so excited!

What I love this job is meeting students from all of the world, helping and seeing them to achieve dreams.

During my free time, I love traveling, camping ,fishing. Any outdoor activities always can catch my attention.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy! Come to see me, I will love to help you out!


My name is Lena Han

Hi Everyone!

I speak English and Korean and wish to learn Chinese, Italian and French in the future.

I have spent my time in many different countries, mainly Australia and New Zealand, last 10 år.

My personal interest is traveling over the world as I love to learn different culture and history and try various food (very important!).

Enjoy English, enjoy Australia!


My name is Celia

Finance Officer

I am originally from China. My background is Finance and Accounting. I started working at IH Brisbane – ALS after getting my second master degree in 2013. My favourite part of the job is helping students. I like to travel and watch movies.

My name is Sol

Finance Officer




My name is Miran

Admin Officer

Hi I’m Miran and I’m from South Korea. I’ve lived in New Zealand and Australia over the last 7 år.

Having worked in South Korea, New Zealand and Australia I have met lots of people from a variety of nationalities in different environments. I love meeting and helping international students.

In my spare time, I watch movies and play the piano. I also love traveling, listening to classical music and sewing.

“Stop Dreaming, Start Doing!”

My name is Jean

Admin Officer

Jean 3

My name is Victor

Student Services Officer