What to bring

What to bring

Dear students, this is only a suggestion as people have their personal preferences and opinions about what is necessary to bring. This is not a must do list; it is just a guide to help you to be more prepared for your trip.

The Australian sun is very harsh and it is recommended to bring clothes that protect you from sunburn.

Do not forget to label your luggage with your name and your home address; this will be helpful to easily identify your stuff.

Carry you passport, visas, medicine and other important things with you in your carry luggage. It may be a good idea to photocopy your important documents and leave it at home with someone trusted.

Do not pack your documents in your luggage; take these documents with you in your carry luggage.

Also, you should bring:

  • Clothes – shorts, shirts, jacket, trouser, socks, underwear, dresses, swimsuit
  • Shoes – Comfortable shoes, flip flops, office shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Medication – if you take some medicine on regular bases
  • Power adapters

Customs and quarantine

Australia’s customs laws prevent you from bringing drugs, steroids, weapons, firearms and protected wildlife into Australia. Some common items such as fresh or packaged food, fruit, eggs, meat, plants, seeds, skins and feathers are also prohibited. There is no limit on currency but you will need to declare amounts over $10,000. For more detailed information go to the Australian government Customs & Quarantine page


You don’t require vaccinations unless you have come from, or have visited a yellow fever infected country within six days of your arrival. Read the Australian Government Yellow fever fact sheets