IH Brisbane – ALS Student Code of Conduct




We agree to take PRIDE in our studies!





P – Possession

Taking control of your learning. IH Brisbane – ALS can help us, but we are responsible for our learning.

  • We will speak up if there is something we don’t understand or need help with.
  • We will be on time for class.
  • We will participate willingly in class activities.
  • We will do as much study and practice outside of class as we can.


R – Respect

Treating everyone fairly and with sensitivity. For everyone to be able to benefit from the classes, we will respect each other.

  • Staff knowledge and experience as experts is to be accepted
  • We will switch our mobiles to silent in the classroom.
  • We will be understanding of individual and cultural differences.
  • We will be flexible and open to others’ ideas.
  • We will be supportive, fair and honest in our relationships with each other.
  • We will respect each other’s privacy.


I – Integrity

Being truthful and sincere. We are in control of our actions, and will act in the best way possible.

  • We will behave as responsible adults.
  • We will accept any reasonable penalty for our behaviour.
  • We understand that assessment policies and procedures are clear and apply to all, and the school will apply them equally.
  • We are responsible for what we do and say.
  • We do not claim the work of others as our own.
  • We will follow all school rules and regulations.
  • We will speak up when there are problems and work together to find solutions.


D – Dive in!

The more you give, the more you get. We understand the more we put in, the more we get out.

  • We will complete all tasks as required to the best of our ability.
  • We will participate willingly and fully in class activities.
  • We will try and find ways to use English outside of class and school, and integrate into Australia as much as we can.


E – English only

We understand that speaking English is good for our ability, and includes everyone

  • We will speak English in the school wherever and whenever possible.


IHBrisbane – ALS Student Code of Conduct